Daring Fireball Demolishes a Particularly Silly Article

Irreal readers know I like and use Apple products but I'm not a paid up member of the cult so I seldom write about the subject. The most fascinating thing about Apple, I think, is the derangement syndrome that it induces in many journalists. Some of the most entertaining articles I read are the Macalope's merciless mocking of those journalists.

Over at Tech Crunch Jon Evans has a particularly silly article warning us that we shouldn't use Apple's products. Why? Well, because Apple makes it hard to jailbreak iOS devices and sometime in the future they might decide—despite their history of protecting their customers' privacy—to get in bed with the NSA and other snoopers and then where would we be?

I couldn't begin to adequately mock this nonsense but fortunately I don't have to. John Gruber over at Daring Fireball does an excellent and entertaining job of debunking it for me. The Macalope hasn't yet turned his antlers on Evans but I'm sure he will and I'm sure the result will also be amusing.

There are probably good arguments for why someone might prefer to use Android devices over iOS devices but Evans sure hasn't given us one. If you want to make the argument, at least be serious.

Update before publication: That didn't take long. Here's the Macalope with a righteous takedown of Evans' silliness.

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