Mickey on Magit 2.x

Back before the latest big upgrade, Mickey wrote a wonderful article on Magit that I covered here. Now Mickey is back with What is new in Magit 2.x. He covers the subject in more depth than Nathan Willis' short summary that I recently wrote about.

Mickey starts off urging everyone to read the manual on upgrading. It's not hard but there are definite steps you have to take for a successful installation. Then he moves on to what's new in Magit 2.x.

He covers the new parts and the changes to some of the key sequences in depth. If you've just installed the new Magit or you're planning on doing so, you should definitely read Mickey's post to get your bearings. If you aren't a Magit user, you should also read it to see why you should be. As usual for Mickey, it's a great post and very informative. Definitely recommended.

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