Lisp Functions in Org Table Calculations

Sacha Chua has a nice post on how she uses an Org table to keep track of medications her family needs and how it automatically calculates how many she needs to buy based on how long they need to be taken and what she has on hand. You may or may not want to track your own meds in Emacs but her post illustrates some features about Org tables that you might not know:

  1. You can use Elisp statements instead of the built-in operators when making calculations with the table data.
  2. You can use 【Shift+Return】 to copy cells from one row to another.
  3. You can perform date arithmetic directly on active or inactive dates (that is, dates in angle or square brackets).
  4. The row indicator @> means the last row.

Check out Chua's post to see how all these things play together to make a quick and easy application running right in Emacs.

UPDATE: posts illustrate → post illustrates

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  • Use `org-time-stamp' to easily manage your Org timestamps.