2 or b

Over at the Google+ ErgoEmacs community, Xah Lee asks is it easier to type 2 or b on a QWERTY keyboard. The majority of people said ‘b’ but I was surprised at how many felt ‘2’ was easier. If you have an opinion and would like to express it, follow the link to the poll.

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  • jcs, thanks for the link! The link seems to have a extra %0A at the end, but i did change it before. Sorry about that. Can you correct? thanks.

    • jcs

      I don't know what happened. It's correct at the source but the %0A got added when I pushed it out to the site. I fixed it in situ and it seems OK now. Sorry about that.

      • jcs

        OK, I figured it out. The %0A was in the source (as you said it would be) but it didn't show up until I turned off Org formatting. Fixed in source now.