What Would You Miss the Most?

Here's a fascinating graph indicating what people of different age groups would miss the most as a way of getting information.

It's interesting in its own right but it got me thinking about how I would prioritize my needs for the various choices.

Some are easy. I could easily live without television and probably would if it weren't for the contrary views of my family. I listen to the radio only when I'm in the car so, again, I could do without it, especially since I have other ways of playing music in the car.

I don't read hard copy newspapers or magazines so I wouldn't mind if they disappeared as long as their digital versions were still available. Despite the many and manifest problems with the press, it's hard to imagine doing without it completely but that doesn't mean we need to print the news on dead trees.

That leaves the difficult choices. Of the original list, I could live with just the computer and smart phone but I'd be hard put to decide between the two of them. On the one hand, my iPhone has a browser so, as far as surfing is concerned, it can do pretty much the same things as my MacBook. On the other hand, I use my computer for more than just surfing. I'm just glad I don't really have to choose.

How would you prioritize the list? Are there some items you could easily do without? What two items on the list are the most important to you? Could you choose between the top two?

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