HTTP/2 and TLS

Speaking of nosy Parkers, the Open Web Alliance is annoyed that HTTP/2 will make it harder for them to spy on you and is lobbying against mandatory encryption in HTTP/2. Sadly, they've won the first round.

The Open Web Alliance membership includes many of the big ISPs, tech giants such as Oracle and Intel, and law enforcement such as The Department of Justice and Public Safety Canada. Their rationale for wanting to spy on us is the usual high minded sounding drivel about traffic engineering and thinking about the children.

What they really want, of course, is to harvest and sell our personal information or, in the case of law enforcement, to be able to monitor everything we do in case we have an impure thought. We will, I'm sure, be hearing more reasons why it's for our own good that corporations and the government be able to spy on us. Dismiss them for the nonsense that they are.

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