Another Emacs Cheat Sheet

Artur Hefczyc has an nice table of the Emacs keybindings. They are listed alphabetically by command name, not by action, so you need to know a good approximation to the name of the command you’re trying to run. It’s a nice table and worth bookmarking or even printing out if you’re inclined to use paper cheat sheets.

Of course, you can always get a complete list of the current keybindings for your Emacs with 【Ctrl+h b】 but I find it difficult to locate the command I’m looking for with it.

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  1. dave f says:

    Great resource indeed. I’m not an elisp expert, but use emacs a lot for writing (not coding). What would be really helpful is this table and the other longer table by action to be available through C-h or an ido completion so as to be available right in emacs. Perhaps there are easier ways.

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