If you're looking for a static-page blogging engine that you can post to from Emacs, you should take a look at Calum MacRae's post on blogging with org-page. MacRae writes about his setup in detail so that you can set up your own blog relatively easily. His setup uses Ansible, which you may or may not want to implement.

I like the idea of static web pages but I'm not sure I like how org-page displays things. Basically, it reproduces the Org-mode buffer complete with much of the (deemphasized) markup. My source files look similar to MacRae's but WordPress (or rather org2blog/wp) generates a display that could have been typeset with the default WordPress editor or even LaTex. I like what org2blog/wp does much better but take a look at MacRae's post and see what you think.

A lot of bloggers I respect that I know are Emacs users are not posting from Emacs. I really don't understand that. There are lots of blog solutions available that allow you to post directly from Emacs. Why would you not want to do this?

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