query-replace in Emacs 25.

A nice feature of the query-replace function is that you can scroll through the history of previous parameters and perhaps avoid retyping them. Unfortunately, you can't edit that history so if your new input is even a little bit different, you have to retype it. I've often wished for a little more flexibility in that area.

Artur Malabarba brings happy news: In Emacs 25 query-replace history is editable. Even nicer, you will be able to switch the arguments. That's another thing I've often wanted to do. I can hardly wait.

This is the first in a series Malabarba is doing on the new features of Emacs 25. Though it's doubtless some time away, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on these enhancements.

Every once in a while you hear some young whipper-snapper using Eclipse or some other horror claim that Emacs is old technology and essentially dead. The vigorous development going on in the Emacs community shows how wrong this is.

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