The Effectiveness of Dynamic Typing

As I wrote the other day, there has been, of late, an ongoing, vigorous debate on the virtues of dynamic versus static typing. There are a lot of muscular declarations from both sides but not a lot of evidence. Now Robert Smallshire has looked into the matter and discovered that dynamic typing is much more effective than it should be.

Even more, he says that the benefits of static typing cost more than the benefits they provide. That's pretty provocative and of course he gets some push back in the comments. You'll have to watch the video to see if you think he makes his case.

Even if you're neutral in static-dynamic skirmishes or don't care, the video is still worth watching because Smallshire tightens down on what, exactly, we mean by typing and various orthogonal meanings that can apply to that term.

Worth watching if you have any interest in types in programming languages. The video is just under 52 minutes so plan accordingly.

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