Sacha Chats with Phil Hagelberg

For her latest chat, Sacha Chua meets up with Phil Hagelberg. A year and a half ago, Hagelberg was featured on The Setup where he had some very interesting things to say about Emacs. I wrote about that here.

Chua and Hagelberg begin with a discussion and demonstration of syme, a facility for doing pair programming on Githup projects. If you're working jointly on a project that's hosted on Github, you'll want to check syme out.

They also talk about Clojure and getting a REPL for it within Emacs. That's informative but what's really interesting is Hagelberg's hardware hack to control the heating in his detached programming shed. One nice feature of that is that he can control it from his house by chatting with the system over XMPP. That nice because he can get the heat going in the shed before he has to leave his house.

The chat is a few seconds over an hour so plan accordingly. Hagelberg is an interesting guy so I think you'll enjoy the chat. Don't worry about trying to write down the links he talks about; Chua lists them along with the video of the chat.

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  • When I read "hardware hack to control the heating", I immediately thought about holding down SPC to heat the processor... ;)