Whom We Spy On

The NSA and its apologists are fond of insisting that the NSA's mission is to monitor our enemies and that any interception of Americans' or American Allies' communications are incidental and that such data, once collected, is promptly destroyed. Only the most jejune of us believed that, of course, but even the cynical and curmudgeonly staff at Irreal were not prepared for the truth.

NSA whistle blower Russel Tice, a former NSA agent, says that the NSA spies on Senators, congressmen, military leaders, supreme court justices, and even Barach Obama. Tice's charges are so explosive that it's hard to credit them. Except, you know, for everything else we've found out recently. Perhaps discovering that they, too, are targets will finally convince Senators and Congressmen to reign these criminals in.

Really, you should read this post. As I say, it's hard to accept that things could have gotten so far out of hand. If it's true, there are a bunch of people who need to go to jail. Read it and make up your own mind.

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