The Ultimate Privacy Guide

From time to time I've mentioned articles that help you maintain your privacy. Some of us grumpy and misanthropic types have nothing to hide but do everything we can to maintain our privacy out of orneriness. If that sounds like you, let me recommend The Ultimate Privacy Guide.

It's a long (almost 13,000 words) article that covers just about everything you need to know to keep your online activity as private as possible. Pretty much every expert agrees that if the NSA really wants to snoop on you in particular, there's not much you can do except to abandon all communication technology. Fortunately, the government doesn't have the wherewithal to give everyone that sort of individualized attention so taking steps to secure your communications makes sense.

The authors suggest that you not try to read to whole thing at once but rather that you choose the topic that you're interested in at any particular time. Probably your best bet is to bookmark the article so that you can look up topics as you need them.

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