Sacha Chats with Tom Marble

Sacha Chua has posted another interesting episode in her series of video chats with Emacs users. This time it's with Tom Marble who talks about and demonstrates his Emacs-based invoicing system. Marble is a consultant and wrote the system to track the details and hours of his consulting work and to generate nice looking invoices for billing.

Marble also talks about using Emacs for his Clojure work and he demonstrates some of his work flow. As usual, Chua has him take us through a quick trip of his .emacs file. The video is just over 57 minutes so plan accordingly.

If you like the video and want to see more, Chua has a page with links to all her Emacs chats. I invariably learn some tidbit of Emacs goodness that I didn't know so the videos are definitely worth your time.

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