Me Neither

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  1. It’s certainly an interesting development in the world of cloud development. The fact they aim to make it extensible via JavaScript also show’s it’s taken queues from Emacs.

    But I agree it would have to be pretty damn compelling for me to abandon Emacs!

  2. Xah Lee says:

    i don’t think will reach the power of emacs in a couple of years, but, i think it’s inevitable that in say 5 years, there will be no emacs. Honest opinion. I think the other editors, will have caught up ALL what emacs is practically useful for, and easier to do so. All it takes is a editor with a embedded lang that’s popular. The thousands of js dev, will do the rest.

    • JFM says:

      I’m not so sure. If that were really the case, Sublime and the legions of python developers would have done more to catch up with emacs than they have.

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