The End of Journalism

Many of you know that I'm not a fan of newspapers or most journalists. When reporters aren't pursuing an agenda or otherwise abdicating their journalistic responsibilities, they run around chasing trivia and sideshows like the seemingly never ending series of Where's Waldo articles on Edward Snowden.

On the Snowden matter, one notable exception has been Glenn Greenwald who has pretty much owned the NSA snooping story. Now Greenwald has delivered a stinging rebuke to his fellow journalists. What kindled his anger was a column by Chris Blackhurst, an executive and, until recently, the editor of the UK daily, The Independent. In it, Blackhurst says he wouldn't have published the Snowden material because, “If MI5 warns that this is not in the public interest, who am I to disbelieve them?” Really? “Who am I to disbelieve them?” It should infuriate even the Where's Waldo division of the fifth estate that this man calls himself a journalist.

It certainly infuriated Greenwald who explains at length why it's Blackhurst's damn job to disbelieve them. Follow the link to experience his righteous anger first hand. If you think you're being under served by the media, you're sure to find much to agree with.

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