Emacs Regular Expression Recap

Xah Lee has a nice summary of Emacs regular expressions and how they differ from the other familiar varieties. I may have linked to an older version of this a while ago but it's a worthwhile link for anyone who hasn't seen it.

If you regularly use Emacs, Perl, and Unix regexs, this is a good resource to help you keep the Emacs differences in mind. You can get much the same information from the Emacs documentation, of course, but it's handy to have a nice summary like this and you may want to bookmark it.

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  • Rupert

    As usual with Xah's writing, it's somewhat at right-angles to how most Emacs users seem to think. I really dislike the bit about \t and \n: it's not clear to me that he understands why this happens, and he certainly doesn't explain it for the prospective user. Eugh.

    Also, he's missed out the \,(kickass-lisp-code \#1$$ feature, which is a real pity! I used it yesterday to rename a load of variables from ptr0,ptr1,...,ptr5 to ptr2,ptr3,...,ptr7. Try doing that in another editor!