Emacs Ruler Mode

Sometimes it's convenient to have a ruler on your Emacs screen. Not often but sometimes. For example, it can be useful for lining things up in artist-mode. Emacs has a very nice ruler that, among other things, tracks were the point is on the line.

You can toggle it on and off with 【Meta+xruler-mode. Often times you (or at least I) want to turn it on for just a second to check something so you can turn it on and then type 【Meta+x Meta+p】 to bring the command up again to turn it off.

This isn't a command you will use a lot but when you need it, it comes in very handy. If you forget its name, 【Ctrl+h fruler will bring up the on-line documentation.

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  • Phil

    As there's no documentation to speak of in the function docstring, M-x find-library RET ruler-mode RET is more informative.

    I've found ruler mode occasionally useful for visualising the tab-stop-list variable:

    ;; [header-line (control down-mouse-2)] or M-x
    ;; `ruler-mode-toggle-show-tab-stops' toggle showing and visually
    ;; editing `tab-stop-list' setting. The `ruler-mode-show-tab-stops'
    ;; option controls if the ruler shows tab stops by default.

  • rameshrr3

    Thank You . I finally got something on linux that i have been missing in all other bells and whistles editors!