My Solution to the Latest VimGolf Challenge

Readers contributed many good solutions to this challenge. The mundane solution involves using query-replace-regexp with regular expressions

w+ → (\1)

for 14 keystrokes or, if you're a bit more clever

w+ → (\&)

for 10. Actually, I have electric-pair-mode enabled so my counts were 13 and 9 but the 14 and 10 counts work for a stock Emacs.

My best solution was much like those contributed by readers

Meta+( ;; paredit-wrap-round
Meta+Ctrl+n ;; paredit-forward-up
Ctrl+f ;; forward-char

Sadly, my mind appears to be undergoing bit rot. As Fuco points out, I've posted this problem before. You can check the comments to that post for a bunch of other solutions.

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2 Responses to My Solution to the Latest VimGolf Challenge

  1. roberton says:

    Where is the "Latest VimGolf Challenge" that you based this article?

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