A Lisp Bookshelf

Mozart Reina has a post up about his Lisp bookshelf. It’s a nice collection of books that anyone wanting to master Lisp should read. My favorite, SICP, is there as is Lisp in Small Pieces a book I very much want to read but not at $106.

If you’re looking for some books on Lisp, this is a good, representative list. Many are available for free on the Web so even if you’re a starving student or otherwise short of funds, you can get an excellent start on the road to Lisp. It’s a journey well worth taking.

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  1. PuercoPop says:

    I also felt the same way about Lisp in Small Pieces (too expensive). But in a recent trip a friend loan me the book and after reading the first chapter I changed my mind. It is a great resource. From the start it starts to show all the corner cases of lisp semantics ‘(1 2 3) vs (list 1 2 3). ’1 vs 1 et all. I’m it is definitely the next book I’m going to read.

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