I've been completely obsessed with the unfolding NSA scandal all day (Sunday). I spent most of the day reading various news articles and posts on it. I'm too angry to write about that so here's a cheerful tweet on the astounding world we live in instead.

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  • hi jcs,
    i haven't read much about it, except a glance at wikipedia, and also read one article from Google founder, denying it. I was wondering, if you can give us a short summery, or pointer? I think i read somewhere that some people think it's a hoax? and how's Larry flatly deny it? or is he playing with language?

    • hi jon,

      sorry for recent flurry of careless posts. I read a bit more about PRISM. I guess the situation is that, there indeed is such a program, and so far most the the major companies are denying it, and it has yet to fold out what's going on precisely. Right? something like that.

      • jcs

        It seems pretty clear (by the governments own admission) that they are vacuuming up the metadata for all calls in the US and that PRISM is a real program. The only question is to what extent and how Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Apple, et al. are involved. The denials from the industry is very carefully parsed so something is probably going on but they couldn't tell us even if they wanted to. Best guess I've read is that they provided a special mailbox or area on their Web presence where they could respond to warrants and subpoenas from the gov. That appears to be a matter of convenience rather than a wholesale tracking of everything we do on the Web. We'll just have to wait to see what else comes out.