Emacs Conference Videos

The indefatigable Sacha Chua volunteered to edit the videos of the recent Emacs Conference and I've been looking forward to watching them. The problem was that I haven't been able to find a list of those ready for viewing. Until now. I stumbled across this play list on the emacs-reddit which has the videos for the talks by

  • Joakim Verona
  • Nic Ferrier
  • Joe Corneli
  • Sam Aaron
  • Dimitri Fontaine

Presumably Chua will add others as she completes them.

This is a tremendous resource for those of us who couldn't attend in person. We all owe Sacha Chua a huge thank you. Head on over to her blog and say hi and leave a note of thanks. You might also want to check out her sketch notes of the talks.

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