Smartparens Video

Irreal readers who follow the comments will be familiar with Fuco, one of our best EmacsGolf/VimGolf in Emacs solvers. In addition to making me feel inadequate about my Emacs Fu, Fuco is also the author of smartparens. You can think of it as a configurable paredit for when you're not programming in Lisp (or are, for that matter).

If you've been wondering about smartparens, Fuco has produced two videos that show off its capabilities. They're only 24 minutes together so there's no reason not to take a look to see if smartparens might be useful in your workflow. At the very least, you'll probably do better in the EmacsGolf challenges.

Smartparens Video – Part 1
Smartparens Video – Part 2

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  • Just please note that those are over 4 months old and only cover the first 40 commits or so (we're now at ~270). I'm planning another screencast, so stay tuned! (in the meantime you can find most of the new info on the wiki).

    Cheers! (and if you have questions, feel free to ask).

    • jcs

      I'm planning another screencast...

      Good to know. I'm looking forward to it.