Sacha Chua Chats With Carsten Dominik

The tireless Sacha Chua is on a roll with another video chat about Emacs. This time it's with Carsten Dominik, the creator of the essential Org mode. Org mode has become so important that many newcomers are taking up Emacs specifically to get it.

This is, by far, Chua's most engaging chat so far. Dominik is a natural story teller and the two of them are clearly at ease and having a lot of fun. Dominik talks about his early start with MicroEmacs before he graduated to the real thing and how he's always made little tweaks and add ons to Emacs even before Org. He gives a real sense of how Org mode grew organically, often surprising even him.

It turns out that Dominik follows Chua's blog and he speaks highly of it and of Magnar Sveen's Emacs Rocks! videos. He comes across as someone you'd love to spend a few hours with just chatting. I really recommend this video. It's about 50 minutes so you'll need to block out some time but I'm sure you'll find it worthwhile.

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