Emacs in the Coming Year

Nic Ferrier, the creator of elnode and the proprietor of Marmalade, gave an interesting Skills Matter talk on what the coming year will mean for Emacs. The video is about an hour and a quarter so plan appropriately.

The talk centers around Emacs becoming an important development environment in the same sense that Lisp Machines were. Ferrier begins with elnode, a platform that allows you to write Web servers that run under Emacs. As examples, he demonstrates a simple Web Chat app and then moves on to discuss how he is rewriting Marmalade to run under elnode.

There's a lot good material and ideas in the talk. It's long but well worth your time. Ferrier shows how the dream of having a modern Lisp Machine development environment is closer than you may think.

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  • Abe

    The biggest problem I foresee with emacs as lisp machine is resource control/profiling: for example my emacs daemon which runs rss client, email, jabber, elnode and other crap suddenly gobbled 3 Gb of memory - how do I find who is culprit and, more importantly - how do I limit resources available to particular program _inside_ emacs instance? Say, make sure that my jabber.el under no circumstances gets more than 512 Gb of memory?

    Of course workaround would be to run several emacs instances but imho it defeats whole idea of unified lisp machine environment.

  • Juan Quintela

    I guess you mean 512MB (not GB) of memory. Or you are connected to all jabber servers in the world, and then some O:-)

    Later, Juan.