Richard Dillon's Emacs Videos

Via Magnar Sveen's Emacs Rocks! twitter feed I came across this retweet pointing me at Richard Dillon's Emacs videos. It's a set of 13 videos on using Emacs intended mostly for those inexperienced with Emacs. He covers several topics including

  • Working with buffers
  • Working with windows and frames
  • The mark and point
  • Org mode
  • Customization
  • Loading mechanisms
  • Initialization files
  • Working with the REPL
  • Hacking the mode line

Even though these videos are mainly aimed at the n00b, I still learned a few things I didn't know. They're each 10 to 20 minutes long so they cover the material pretty well.

If you want to view the videos in order, start at the end of the list and work your way up. Of course, YouTube starts the video automatically when you click on the link. That leads to a slight problem (at least for me). I like to view them in full screen so I click on the expand button after the video has started but then it's very hard to read his Emacs screen. I discovered that if you stop the video and restart it (while in full screen mode) it restarts and will be perfectly clear.

All in all, a useful addition to the set of Emacs videos. Well worth taking a look at regardless of your familiarity with Emacs.

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