Xah's Emacs Tutorial

I've commented many times on Xah Lee's Emacs and Emacs Lisp tutorials. I've learned a lot from them and the Elisp tutorials helped me transfer my Common Lisp and Scheme knowledge to Emacs.

The tutorials are on the Web and available for free at the links above but Lee also makes them available as ad-free zip files for those who'd like a local copy. Lee charges $5 for the files but makes updates available for free. Lee has just released another archive of the tutorials so this is a good time to get a copy if you're interested. Buying the tutorials is a good way to support Lee's effort so if, like me, you find them useful contribute the $5 if you can.

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  • Xah Lee has definitely put a lot of time and effort into his documentation, but it often does things in non-Emacs standard ways. While this isn't a crime, it leads to confusion and inferior code in the long run.

    Simple examples are putting close parens ) on their own lines.
    More meaningful differences are using hard-coded character sets to represent words characters, as opposed to \w which uses Emacs' syntax table - which makes the code work according to the major mode.

    So, I'd recommend using other sources to learn (emacs wiki, emacs documentation, emacs source code, elpa code, stack overflow, etc.).