The other day I wrote about discovering Steve Purcell's emacs.d repository on GitHub. Today, I want to talk about another wonderful thing I discovered there: Lispdoc. Bill Moorier's Lispdoc is a documentation search engine for Common Lisp that searches

  • The Hyperspec
  • CLtL2
  • Practical Common Lisp
  • Successful Lisp
  • On Lisp
  • Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence Programming
  • ANSI Common Lisp
  • The docstrings from SBCL
  • A bunch of ASDF libraries

This is a really great documentation resource. If you're a Lisper, go on over there right now and type in a CL symbol and see what happens. Amazing.

Purcell uses a bit of Elisp, which he got from Bill Clementson, to automatically look up a symbol from Emacs. By default, it will look up the symbol at point, but you can enter any symbol you like. Very nice. Sadly, Clementson isn't blogging anymore but his site also has a bunch of Lisp related material.

Update: a → and

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