Is The TSA Finished?

I know, I know: I'm courting a comeuppance from Betteridge's Law but this is too good to ignore. Christopher Elliot at Linked in has an interesting post in which he posits that the TSA, as we know it today, can't continue to exist.

The central theme of the post is a hearing of the House Aviation subcommittee. A hearing which TSA head John Pistole refused to attend. The striking thing about the hearing is the hostility of the panel members to the TSA and the near universal consensus that the mission of the TSA needs to be radically revamped.

Anyone who knows anything about security realizes that what the TSA is currently engaged in is security theater. While providing no realistic protection from terrorists, the TSA is actually increasing our chances of being killed. I don't know if Elliot is correct but I certainly hope so. The sooner the current TSA is eliminated the better off and safer we will all be. Take a look at Elliot's post; it's short and very interesting.

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