Emacs Rocks! Episode 13

Magnar Sveen is on a tear and has posted another Emacs Rocks! episode. This one is, to use a phrase Sveen might utter, mind-blowing. It's a demonstration of his Emacs extension multiple-cursors. When I first saw this extension demonstrated in Sveen's Oslo Web Rebels talk (that I discussed here) I was blown away by the seeming magic of it. Episode 13 gives a much more comprehensive demonstration and simply must be seen to be appreciated.

The really good news is that multiple-cursors is now available on Marmalade and Melpa. I've been using mark-multiple (also by Sveen) but disabled it after I downloaded multiple-cursors because the latter is essentially a superset of the former. Watch the demonstration and you'll want to install it too.

I've just started using it but I'm already Addicted. As I say, watch the video and you'll be an addict too. And if you haven't already, watch the Web Rebels talk too—it's fantastic.

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