The Emacs Manual in Info

This is definitely a note to myself. Doubtless everyone knows this but for some reason I can never seem to remember it so I am recording it in a post. If you’re an Emacs user and your initials are not RMS, you probably have occasion to consult the Emacs manual. When I find myself in that position I most often just bring it up in my browser. That’s easy because I have it book marked but it’s also a little silly since Emacs has the manual built in.

Of course you can always do 【Ctrl+h i】 and then pick the Emacs manual entry but there’s a better way. You can bring up the manual directly with 【Ctrl+h r】. That’s almost no savings in labor but somehow it seems much quicker and easier. At least it would be if I could remember it.

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3 Responses to The Emacs Manual in Info

  1. jpkotta says:

    Indeed. Also, the usual way I get to the ELisp manual is C-h r TAB RET, because the first hyperlink of the Emacs Manual is for the ELisp manual.

  2. Xah Lee says:

    these days i just call elisp-index-search whenever i want to go to lisp doc. I have a short key for it. I used to have alias eis for it. I find that the most of the time i search for regex doc. There’s also emacs-index-search.

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