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Org Babel and Applescript

Grant Rettke over at Wisdom and Wonder points to an interesting project that integrates Org Babel and Applescript. If you're a Mac user and sometimes work with Applescript (or even if you want to play around with it) you should … Continue reading

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Reevaluating Local Variables

An odd but very useful feature of Emacs is (file) local variables. This allows you to specify certain Emacs variables either on the first line of a file or at the end in a special Local Variables block. Typical uses … Continue reading

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Tramp and cd

I try to use ehsell as much as I can when I need to drop into the shell. That way, I stay in Emacs and still have the power of Emacs available. The other day in a post about something … Continue reading

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Is Emacs Really Hard to Learn/Use?

J. Pablo Fernández has another one of those posts that drive me crazy. His thesis is that Emacs is hurting Clojure because it's hard to learn and use or something. It's a silly, even risible, argument. His complaint is almost … Continue reading

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Version 2 of Mastering Emacs is Out

Just got my Mastering Emacs update. Mickey has put out version 2 to incorporate new material reflecting changes in Emacs 25.1. The upgrade is free to current owners; You should be getting an email from Mickey. If you don't already … Continue reading

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Using ace-link with Org Mode

I was checking the ace-link page and discovered something I didn't know. You can also configure ace-link to work in Org mode. When invoked, ace-link-org will build the typical avy tree—such as you get with ace-jump and friends—and allow you … Continue reading

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Kill This Buffer

[Editorial Note: Sorry about the lousy formatting. Org2blog is misbehaving again so I had to paste the HTML into the WordPress editor.] Ben Maughan over at Pragmatic Emacs has a really nice tip. It's one of those things that you … Continue reading

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PSA: SSH Suddenly Asks for Passwords in OS X

Background If you're an OS X user who uses SSH keys to SSH to remote machines and have just updated to Sierra you may have noticed that SSH has suddenly started asking for a password. My situation is that I've … Continue reading

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An Example of pcase-lambda

Over at the Emacs reddit, instant_sunshine has an example of using pcase-lambda. It's not used very often but can be useful if you have to write functions that need to look inside Lisp objects. The documentation for pcase-lambda is a … Continue reading

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Blogging Woes

I finally got yesterday's post up by generating the HTML from my Org source file and then pasting it into the WordPress editor. I'm still not sure what's happening. Very occasionally I can push a post with org2blog but most … Continue reading

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