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Happy New Year

Have a Happy New Year and be careful out there.

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Safely Loading Your Emacs Configuration

Over at the Emacs Reddit, tending asks how to fall back to a known good Emacs configuration when initialization gets an error. His complaint is that if there's an error early in his .emacs file, the initialization is aborted and … Continue reading

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Using AUCTeX

Piotr Ka┼║mierczak has a nice post on why Emacs is the ultimate LaTeX editor1. The idea is that adding AUCTeX to the greatest editor in the world gives you an incredibly powerful LaTeX environment. Ka┼║mierczak is a Mathematician so his … Continue reading

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LaTeX vs. Word

In an act that I'm sure was designed to throw me into a fit of rage, Markus Knauff and Jelica Nejasmic published An Efficiency Comparison of Document Preparation Systems Used in Academic Research and Development in PLOS ONE. The paper … Continue reading

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A New Emacs Blog

Oleh Krehel (abo-abo) has a new blog, (or emacs. There's only a few posts so far but they're really excellent. For example, his initial post discusses his packaging of ace-window into a library so that other packages can use the … Continue reading

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Quicklisp Client Update

Xach has an updated quicklisp client available. Just call (ql:update-client) to get it.

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Going to the Top and Bottom of iBuffer

I use iBuffer a lot. That's probably because I get a little OCD about stray buffers eating up memory for no reason. With my new 16 GB laptop, buffers eating up memory isn't much of a problem but it's too … Continue reading

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Sorting by IP Addresses 2

Yesterday, I told you about my difficulties in trying to sort an Org mode table. I came up with a solution that was, um, less than optimal but at least I got the table sorted. It bugged me that Org … Continue reading

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Irreal's hosting provider is planning some server maintenace from [2014-12-26 Fri] to [2014-12-29 Mon]. Somewhere in that interval, the server that Irreal runs on will be upgraded. The hosting provider does not expect any outages during this process but warns … Continue reading

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Sorting by IP Addresses

Recently, I needed to sort an Org mode table by a column having IP addresses. For example, given the table | IP | 11/01 | 11/02 | 11/03 | |---------------+-------+-------+-------| | | 2 | 1 | 0 | | … Continue reading

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