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The spammers are hammering on the Irreal site again trying to post spam in the comments. They aren't getting through but they are consuming resources to the point that my hosting provider is complaining. Therefore, rather than risk having the … Continue reading

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Installing Yosemite

Just in case any Apple users out there haven't already installed the new OS X, Yosemite, beware of an anomaly in the installation process. Apparently, the installation moves /usr/local out of the way during installation and when everything is installed, … Continue reading

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Dying Languages

What do you think of this article by Jeff Cogswell? The article posits that 5 popular languages are dying and will shortly cease to be used in any significant way. The languages are Perl Ruby Visual Basic.Net Adobe Flash/Air/Action Script … Continue reading

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Here's a Nickel Kid...

I recently found a reference to one of my all time favorite Dilbert cartoons. It's almost 20 years old and still makes me laugh. I'm linking to rather than embedding the cartoon to avoid copyright problems.

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let with Lexical and Dynamic Scope

Artur Malabarba points to this excellent Stack Exchange entry on the speed of let with lexical versus dynamic scope. Malabarba asks why let is faster with lexical scope than it is with dynamic scope. lunaryorn provides an excellent and detailed … Continue reading

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A Movement I Can Get Behind

A great idea from Christopher Moore. I hate it when Web sites do this. Even more if there's sound. Dear Web Devs, if your page auto-plays video, I'm gone. Immediately. Please tell your clients it's a bad idea. Please RT … Continue reading

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Lots of New

Here at the International Irreal Headquarters there are lots of new things to explore and play with. First, there is OS X Yosemite, the new Apple OS. I've been playing with it for a few days and like it so … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary to Mickey

It's Mastering Emacs' fourth anniversary and Mickey has refreshed the site. Drop in and take a look if you haven't been there lately. Mastering #Emacs is celebrating its fourth anniversary. — Mickey Petersen (@mickeynp) October 20, 2014

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Inhibiting Dired Details in Emacs 24.4

Who ever thought having Dired hide details by default was a good idea? I know some people like having fewer details but I don't get it. Why wouldn't you want as much information about the files as possible? Maybe I'm … Continue reading

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The Need for a Central Office

Via Jean-Philippe Paradis we have Paddy Foran explaining why "We need to have everyone together in an office." is just hokum. At least when it comes to development shops. Dear people insisting that workers must be together in an office … Continue reading

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