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Scheduled Outage

Irreal's hosting provider has notified me that the site will be down for scheduled maintenance on August 4th, from 12:01am to 4:00am EDT (UTC-0400).

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Malware Prophylaxis

After last week's malware outbreak at Irreal I've been thinking about ways to prevent another episode. For those who haven't been following along, someone managed to add a line of obfuscated PHP to the index.php file that gets things going … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Really Think This Is A Problem?

Oliver Reichenstein over at the iA has a strange post/article positing that nested directories are hard to understand. Reichenstein celebrates the iOS/Mountain Lion approach to file systems in which directories can be at most one level deep (and even that … Continue reading

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Syncing With Git Repositories

Last month, I wrote about how I keep my two main machines in sync using git and how, after doing a git pull, I use a bit of Elisp to automate the reverting of my open buffers. After automating the … Continue reading

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The Master Speaks

The road to wisdom begins with a single step, grasshopper.

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Diceware in Lisp

I recently downloaded the Ironclad Cryptography Library with quicklisp and wanted to give it a spin. I thought a nice little project would be to implement the Diceware password generation algorithm in Lisp. This turned out to be really easy. … Continue reading

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Using Expand-Region

Back in January I wrote about Magnar Sveen's expand-region package that he described in Emacs Rocks #9. I recently loaded the code with ELPA and have been using it for my day-to-day work. I really like this package. It's extraordinary … Continue reading

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Password Reuse

I've mentioned Troy Hunt's writings here before. Hunt writes regularly on security and always has something interesting to say. Last year I wrote about Hunt's analysis of passwords from the Sony compromise and—sorry but it's true—the stupid choices people make … Continue reading

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Working With Rectangles

Xah Lee has a nice updated post on working with rectangles and some other loosely related matters. Every time I see these commands I think how useful they are and then promptly forget about them. I'm going to make an … Continue reading

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Juan José García Ripoll: Lisp Hacker

This is slightly old news but over at Lisp, The Universe and Everything there's a nice interview with Juan José García Ripoll, the developer of Embeddable Common Lisp. The thing about Ripoll is that he's not a programmer1; he's a … Continue reading

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