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Using Quickproject

Earlier this week I wrote about Using Quicklisp and mentioned another Xach project, Quickproject (the link takes you to Github, but the best way to get it is with Quicklisp). What quickproject does is to initialize a project.asd, package.lisp, project.lisp, … Continue reading

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John Gruber On The Latest DVD Silliness

ars technica is reporting that DVDs and Blu-rays will now carry two unskippable government warnings. These warnings—the usual nonsense about going to hell and jail if you copy the DVD/Blue-ray—will be shown back-to-back for 10 seconds each and will be … Continue reading

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Vladimir Sedach has a post up that describes the cl-test-grid project. The idea is that Quicklisp users download the cl-test-grid, tell it what CL implementations are available, and run the test. It runs tests against many of the libraries in … Continue reading

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Scheme and Common Lisp

I've been using Scheme and Common Lisp almost exclusively for over 10 years. During that time, I tended to favor Scheme because I liked its clean design and simplicity, the named let, continuations, and the simplicity that being a Lisp-1 … Continue reading

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Using Quicklisp

Back in March I wrote that I had loaded and starting using Zach Beane's Quicklisp. Since then I have used it with several small projects and I really like it. It does two things for me: Makes it super easy … Continue reading

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A Message From The EFF

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Solution to the Two Challenges

The other day, I presented two Elisp coding challenges. I specified Elisp because Irreal readers tend to like Emacs related posts. The down side of that is that several of you worried about bignums and other Emacs limitations. That wasn't … Continue reading

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Playing with Common Lisp's Compiler Macros

Back in April, Robert Smith of Symbo1ics Ideas wrote an excellent post on solving the m-of-n Boolean Circuit problem. The problem is nominally about building a boolean circuit having n inputs that returns TRUE if at least m of the … Continue reading

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Two Elisp Challenges

I ran across a couple of nice interview questions and an interesting story over at Tanya Khovanova's Math Blog. The two questions are: Given a list of integers from 1 to n but with one of the integers missing, write … Continue reading

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I'm just starting a Lisp project that, among other things, involves fiddling with dates. Working with dates isn't particularly hard but it's also not very rewarding. Oddly, Common Lisp doesn't have any functions to format and manipulate dates. I certainly … Continue reading

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