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Useful Commands For The Emacs Minibuffer

I have long used 【Meta+p】 to recall previously entered information in the minibuffer. For example, when I'm editing Groff input it's often convenient to typeset what I have so far to check that the result looks good or just to … Continue reading

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Some of you may have noticed that your comments were held in the moderation queue longer than usual the last two days. That's because I haven't been getting email notifications of new comments. I'll look into what's happening there but … Continue reading

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Today Is Dennis Ritchie Day

Tim O'Reilly has declared today Dennis Ritchie Day and asks us all to remember the contributions of this computing pioneer. For his part, O'Reilly insists that without Ritchie's work, O'Reilly Media would not exist. As I wrote in my short … Continue reading

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Mickey Plays VimGolf In Emacs

I've written a couple of times about Tim Visher's VimGolf In Emacs series of videos. If you're an Emacs user and haven't taken a look at them yet, you should do so without delay. They are very informative and entertaining. … Continue reading

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Emacs Registers

Back in September I wrote about using registers to open frequently accessed files. Shortly afterwards, someone recommended just saving my desktop with desktop-save-mode and I haven't really used registers since. More recently, I started watching Tim Visher's excellent VimGolf in … Continue reading

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Blogging With Emacs

Xah Lee asked me to write about my blog publishing process and how an article gets from Emacs to my site. I've written about most of the parts of the process in various posts but it might be useful to … Continue reading

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Applying and And or In Emacs

Zach Beane has a nice Common Lisp tip about applying and. The problem that the tip addresses is how to apply and to a list of values to test that they are all true. One might think that you could … Continue reading

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John McCarthy

It's been a sad month for the computer community. First Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie and now John McCarthy has died. McCarthy was the creator of Lisp and an important researcher in—some say the father of—artificial intelligence.

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More Bad News For The Publishing Industry

I've written before on The Future Of Books and how the publishing industry is in peril. The latest move from Amazon is apparently terrorizing the publishers and with good reason. According to articles in the New York Times and TechFlash, … Continue reading

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Making The Emacs Minibuffer Recursive

Mickey, over at Mastering Emacs, has a great post on Executing Shell Commands in Emacs and does his usual excellent job of explaining the fine points of his subject matter. I've written about some of this material here, but there's … Continue reading

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