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Traveling With An iPad

I just got back from another family visit, this time to upstate New York. I was well out of Irene's path and except for a rainy Sunday wasn't affected at all—I thought. Upstate New York wasn't affected but New York … Continue reading

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Listing Files On A Remote Server With Emacs

I use TRAMP all the time to edit files on a remote machine: it's quick, easy, and pretty much transparent. I just learned something new that in retrospect should have been obvious. You can obtain a listing of remote directories … Continue reading

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Security and Unicode

I've written before about the wonders of Unicode but this post is an example of its dark side. Over at the Microsoft Malware Protection Center there is an interesting post about the use of Unicode by malware. It seems that … Continue reading

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Keyboard Macro Counters

Emacs is incredibly useful for repetitive editing chores. For example, this Xah Lee post shows how Lee performed major surgery on hundreds of pages of HTML by using a little Emacs Lisp. Not everyone can or wants to write Emacs … Continue reading

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Git By Hand

I went looking for the update to Tom Preston-Werner's talk on Git that I wrote about previously but I didn't find it. What I did find, however, is another talk on Git, entitled Unlocking the Secrets of Git that he … Continue reading

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SSH Tricks

Smylers over at the Smylers Blog has an outstanding post on little known things you can do with SSH. Even after years of using SSH daily, there were still a couple of tricks new to me in the post. Smylers … Continue reading

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How Passwords Get Stolen

I just stumbled across a nice post on How Attackers Steal Passwords by Joe Golton over at FilterJoe. It's an interesting look at the common attacks on user passwords. There's not a lot new or surprising in the post but … Continue reading

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Administrivia: Captchas

The amount of comment spam has reached intolerable levels: spam comments far outnumber legitimate comments and moderating them is taking an increasing amount of time. Therefore, I have reluctantly installed a captcha to try to bring the problem under control. … Continue reading

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Emacs Ruler Mode

Sometimes it's convenient to have a ruler on your Emacs screen. Not often but sometimes. For example, it can be useful for lining things up in artist-mode. Emacs has a very nice ruler that, among other things, tracks were the … Continue reading

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Emacs Vs

I've just run across an interesting site created by Strzelewicz Alexandre called Emacs Vs or Emacs Vote System. Users post their favorite Emacs tricks and the other users vote them up or down—much like Hacker News or reddit. The current … Continue reading

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